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Strategic Director at Cancer Free Economy Network in United States

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As scientists learn more about which chemicals can cause cancer, infertility, and birth defects, we need coordinated efforts to remove these dangers from our communities.


The Cancer Free Economy Network is dedicted to creating a movement to protect people from chemicals that can cause cancer or developmental disorders, uniting advocates working on issues as diverse as public health, fossil-fuel reduction, and economic justice. We represent 50+ organizations from different sectors, all collaborating to accelerate the transition away from toxic chemicals associated with cancer and other diseases. The CFE Network is dedicated to replacing them with safe, healthy, effective, and affordable alternatives over the next 20 years. 


The Cancer Free Economy Network sees the big picture. We think about the roots of why toxic chemicals are spreading through our society. By unearthing those fundamental roots, we know what actions will most quickly lead to the adoption of safe alternatives. During its formation over the past two years, the CFE Network has completed a systems analysis that identified the main drivers that keep the current system of toxic chemical use in place, as well as the promising leverage points for making system change. 


The Network further organized itself into functional working groups,each responsible for changing behavior in a part of the system. For example: the health/science working group is equipping doctors to ask patients about their exposure to toxic chemicals and the building power working group is training community organizers to mobilize around cancer-causing chemicals. The leaders of each working group  participate in a Network Council, tasked with integrating the work within and between the working groups to maximize the collective impacts that transform the current system.  This position reports  to the Network Council, the governing body of the network.



The Cancer Free Economy Network is seeking a Strategic Director for the growing national network. This is a new position, and the successful candidate will play a large role in figuring out how to optimize network activities that drive systemic change in the direction of the network’s long-term goal, continue to diversify network participants, deepen the capacity to work powerfully across difference,  guide cross-network strategic alignment, and coordinate Network governance and infrastructure.


The main responsibilities will be to align and weave the various parts of the network.  This will require good facilitation and coordinating skills.  The Strategic Director will be responsible for connecting parts and people across working groups, help the CFE Network to strategically add value and collective impact to the field using systems thinking , and coordinate network-wide workplans, priorities, milestones.


This position is  ¾ with benefits, location options available in one of the working group leaders’ organizations, TBD (SF Bay Area, DC, NY, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Somerville, MA).  Because this is a national network, the Strategic Director should expect to travel up to 25 days per year.




A competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package is offered for this ¾ time position in the range of $100,000, commensurate with experience.



To apply submit cover letter, resume, and references to:  lori@koppelman.us

Job will be open until filled.

Interviews will begin with applications received by October 18, 2017.

Detailed job description is available below.


 The Members of the Cancer Free Economy Network are Equal Opportunity Employers


Job Description


Main Responsibilities

  1. Keep the big picture of network’s goal and collaborative approach active and vibrant
  2. Align and interweave the various aspects of the network - to connect projects and people
  3. Help to strategically add value and increase the collective impact in the field from a network perspective.
  4. Coordinate network-wide workplans, priorities, milestones.


Staff the Network Council (NC) to:

  • Develop agendas for NC and in-person meetings with NC committee.
  • Attend all NC meetings, manage all meeting logistics, ensure notes are kept and key decisions are followed up on. (enlist working group coordinators to assist).
  • Work with a NC committee to develop governance/membership agreements.
  • Coordinate development and finalization of network’s printed outreach, working with Communications working group and NC, e.g., executive summaries, funder briefing information, etc.
  • Provide regular network roundup/updates from and to all working groups, subcommittees and NC (enlist working group Coordinators to assist).


Work with working group Leaders & Coordinators to:

  • Support working group leaders, coordinators and teams to develop effective network practices, including onboarding process for new members.
  • Help to build multicultural competence and grow the diversity of the network.
  • Migrate effective practices used in one working group to other working groups as appropriate.
  • Ensure that working groups have up-to-date priorities for funding, and communicate funding opportunities to the appropriate working groups.
  • Work with workin group Coordinators to develop information management/sharing practices across the network.


Plan Network Convenings

  • Work with NC planning committee to develop agenda for network-wide meetings.
  • Work with host organization(s), Leaders and working group coordinators to organize meeting, coordinate logistics for network trainings (as developed by cross-working group projects).
  • Oversee meeting planning process, contracts and documents.
  • Organize and file NC financial records and contracts.


Facilitate Internal Network Communication

  • Work with Garfield Foundation staff and Communications working group to build a web-based information sharing site and ensure effective communications to and from network participants (CFE intranet).
  • Work with working group Coordinators to maintain regular information feed and monthly update to and from network members.
  • Work with Communications working group, and working group Coordinators to develop messaging webinars and other means for members of CFE to align on issue framing and use in recruiting and onboarding new network members.


Facilitate Fundraising

  • Work with working group Leaders and Garfield Foundation (and future foundation members) to develop processes and logistical support to fund network projects.
  • Liaison with Funders to share information about Network projects and gather intelligence on Foundations’ programmatic interests.
  • Work with working group leaders to create information for funders to ensure that interested donors have access to projects and updates they fund or might want to fund.
  • Draft pitches, grant proposals and reports with working group leaders.


Oversee Network Infrastructure/Operations

  • Budget and track shared network infrastructure resources.
  • Work with network Fiscal working group to manage network finances.
  •  Manage records for CFE, including network agreements, contracts and finances.
  • Negotiate, manage, and review all network contracts with NC approval.


Cultivate a Systems Perspective

  • Hold the systems practice as central to the planning and organizing of network projects and infrastructure.
  • Facilitate the ongoing development of network members systems practice.





Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 5 years progressive professional experience with nonprofits, foundations or organizing. 
  • Deep experience  in managing large projects. Ability to think ahead and plan over a 3-5 year span.
  • Excellent facilitation and coordination skills
  • Demonstrated experience with managing multi-organizational projects.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, including presentation skills, verbal communications skills, with the ability to work successfully with diverse constituencies.
  • Experience leading a network or coalition using a collegial approach to implement strategies and achieve goals.
  • Experience managing projects with diverse, multi-cultural participants.
  • Highly organized with strong attention to detail.
  • Experience in toxics and envirnomental health issues helpful but not required.
  • Ability to travel up to 25 days per year.


The Strategic Coordinator must be mission focused and able to demonstrate deep commitment to the CFE Network’s values of collaboration, multicultural diversity, and environmental health and justice for all. This person is a high energy, roll up the sleeves type of leader who is naturally passionate about driving productive change and fostering a culture of trust and collaboration. It is important that this person possesses the internal drive and judgment to push the organization forward and continue to challenge the status quo.

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