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Transportation Coordinator at Envision in Orlando, FL

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Transportation Coordinator - R/M Orlando




FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt       DEPARTMENT:   Communications           LOCATION:  Orlando         REPORTS TO:   Communications Manager/Operations Manager           



The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for receiving and scheduling requests for emergency and nonemergency ambulance transportation from various sources, to include the establishment of effective communications with the person requesting transportation and eliciting information necessary for dispatching the most appropriate EMS response.  The Transportation Coordinator will also be responsible for verifying that the patient meets medical necessity requirements for nonemergency ambulance transport as well as obtaining the necessary information to insure successful collection of transportation fees.





1.         Utilizes information received from healthcare provider, patient, or family to coordinate appropriate medical and non-medical transportation.

2.         Recommends the appropriate unit(s) to respond, based upon the type of call, priority, and availability of unit(s).

3.         Responsible for coordinating the scheduling of nonemergency transports to insure the most efficient utilization of system resources.

3.         Must possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of facility contracts and billing arrangements of the operating unit.

4.         Will be responsible for monitoring response times to nonemergency ambulance calls with a goal of maintaining the highest possible on time reliability.

5.         May be required to obtain billing information on non-emergency calls and enter information into computerized billing system.

6.         Communicates in writing and verbally with Dispatchers to ensure on time performance and quality customer service.

7.         Suggests routes for medical and non-medical units to follow.

8.         Interacts with Dispatcher to ensure proper unit utilization.

9.         Responsible for timely generating of applicable reports and checking for accuracy.

10.       Maintains a current working knowledge of all company policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and memorandums.

11.       Serves as Liaison between facility and organization.

12.       Interacts with the Quality Assurance Specialist and members of PBS to address issues of claim denial(s) and appeal(s).

13.       Works with the Quality Assurance Specialist to coordinate the Clear and Complete Program.  Interacts with and is able to function as a medical necessity assessor by performing on-scene assessments.

14.       Provides input for the development and implementation of the Ambulance Placement Strategy as it pertains to nonemergency call load.

15.       Follows established parameters/formats in receiving requests for service.

16.       Assists Business development by participating in marketing and serves as liaison with medical facilities regarding medical necessity.

17.       Any other duties/responsibilities as assigned and/or directed.





1.         Knowledge in reading and writing English.

2.         Ability to communicate clearly on the telephone.

3.         Ability to function effectively in stressful situations.

4.         Working knowledge of Operations policies and procedures.

5.         Thorough knowledge of EMS and other public safety resources available in the area.

6.         Must possess excellent organizational skills.

7.         Ability to record, transmit, and report information accurately.

8.         Must meet minimal competency scores on exams designed to measure proficiency in spelling, grammar, clerical skills, EMS knowledge, computer skills, typing, recall and other telecommunicator skills.

9.         Ability to understand basic computer applications in the windows operating environment.

10.       Following training, ability to adequately implement concepts of EMD.

11.       Must possess of an understanding of Medicare, Medicaid and Private insurance and keeps current on reimbursement issues. 

12.       Knowledge of  ICD9 coding or insurance coding/billing. 

13.       Thorough knowledge of the computerized billing system (If applicable) of the operating unit.




1.         High School diploma or GED   

2.         Effective oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.

3.         Familiarized with medical and other related emergency equipment  Local geography, emergency clinical practices, procedures and protocol

4.         Must agree to remain in this position for a minimum of one year.  An exception to this requirement would be a promotion.

5.         Must possess current CPR certification.

6.         General knowledge of computer

7.         Type at least 30 words per minute 

8.         Providing clear and concise directions and instructions to crews

9.         Assessing patient location, condition and needs from caller; act calmly and quickly in emergency situations; create and maintain a positive and cooperative working environment in stressful situations; be able to handle multiple tasks

10.       City, County and/or State license where required

11.       A minimum of one year of EMS experience 




Occasionally: Lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, climbing, kneeling, stooping, bending, leaning, upper and lower body flexibility, running distance, multiple physical activities performed at the same time. 

Frequently:  Touching, walking inside and outside, typing 30 wpm, balancing, carrying no greater than 25 pounds, driving car, seeing.

Constantly:  Hearing/listening, clear speech, sitting.




Constantly:  Work alone and around others, face-to-face and verbal contact with others, extended day, inside.




Frequently:  Pager, telephone recording equipment, facsimile, computer/typewriter, copy machine, stapler, 3 hole punch, stamping, sharpener, television monitor, printer.

Constantly:  Telephone.




EOE including Veterans and Disabled

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