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Vulnerability Researcher at PARSONS in Quantico, VA

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Vulnerability Researcher
Quantico, VA
**U.S. citizens ONLY due to government or federal requirement**
Do you prefer binary to hexadecimal? When at your computer, do you wear a ski mask with a hoodie? Do you prefer green font on a black background? NO?!! We guess that's okay, so long as you can do some of the things listed below...

Parsons is seeking top-notch software engineers to develop specialized software within a first-class team of developers, reverse engineers, cyber specialists, and yes, some green-font gurus. You will want to have tinkered with binary reverse engineering and software vulnerability discovery to be successful in this position.

Your work will give you direct access to the federal customer, as well as other contractors to participate in the software tool design and development process, product deployment, and support of new and ongoing operations. Parsons is determined to provide our customers with unique capabilities and expertise that other company's lack. We operate as a high-performance team dedicated to maintaining the top technical talent to perform the customer's mission - our number one priority. If you are enamored by technology and eager to sink your teeth into something new, we want to meet you... especially if you've ever worn a cape... to a CTF event.
  • 2+ years overall engineering experience
  • 1+ yr of Vulnerability Research and/or Reverse Engineering experience.
Applicants selected for employment may be subject to a federal background investigation and may need to meet additional eligibility requirements for access to classified information or materials.
Desired Experience: 
  • Coding!!! - The ability to write programs quickly to accomplish point solutions in languages like Python, C, C++, C#, PHP.
  • Code Review - The ability to review source code to identify bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Operating Systems Architecture - Knowledge of how operating systems work from "user land" code right through to the kernel.
  • Software reverse engineering - Experience using IDA Pro to determine how an application works and processes data. This could include x86, ARM, ARM64 etc.
  • Experience identifying zero days including memory corruption bugs for example stack overflows, heap overflows, integer overflows, logical flaws.
  • Experience with mitigation techniques (ASLR, Stack cookies, non-executable memory).
  • File format reverse engineering - Experience determining how files are structured, understanding the standard methods for encoding data from Base64 to ASN1.
  • Encryption - A good understand of how symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption works, certificate chain of trust, crypto weaknesses etc.
  • Protocol Analysis - Knowledge of how IP/Serial based protocols work and how to reverse their format including checksums, MACs, encoding formats, HTTP, XML etc.
  • Fuzzing - Experience of writing and running fuzzers, understanding of the differences between dumb and more intelligent fuzzers, and how reverse engineering feeds the process.

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