Minneapolis Professional & Technology Diversity Career Fair

At Professional Diversity Network, we know that career advancement directly relates to the professional network that you cultivate. Join us for a unique, complimentary event designed to give diverse professionals a chance to network, socialize and increase your career success. Engage with corporate leaders and make quality connections that will help you build a solid network of professionals who value diversity.


You’ll be able to tell Hiring Managers from top-ranked companies why you wish to work for them, and you’ll have the chance to sell yourself.



Past Employer Testimonials

"Great candidates for our shared service center"
Clifton Larson Allen
"I am very pleased with the quality and quantity of candidates.  Some even applied to positions before they came and it was so valuable to get face-time with real, interested candidates"
Thomas Allen Inc.
"We always find 5-10 great candidates to fill our immediate open positions at PDN Career Fairs"​
Masterson Staffing
"Very organized event! A lot of contact with diverse candidates​"
Anne Arundel Medical Center


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Job Seeker Tips

Bring Your Résumé

Have extra copies of your résumé on hand. Need a résumé refresh? Try Résunate our award-winning résumé optimizing tool!

Visit Employer Websites

Educate yourself about available positions. Being well versed in a company's available positions will help with discussions.

Sell Yourself

Prepare a brief "elevator pitch" about yourself to clearly communicate your strengths, skills and interests.

Minneapolis, MN
511 11th Avenue S
May 10, 2018
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